• Added a compass-like working mode to the Direction module item.
    • This will mark North as 0°, instead of 180°.
  • Added a module that shows you how long your current session is.
    • You can find it under General > Uptime.
  • Added more chat filter placeholders.
    • Additionally, text shortcuts now support the placeholder system.
    • You can find a list of placeholders here.
  • Added the option to show your numerical ping instead of the bars in the server list.
    • You can toggle this in Display Options.


  • The email length limit for the account manager has been increased.
  • Site Login will now show an error if the client is disconnected, instead of doing nothing.
  • The Entities module now works as it used to in the old 5zig, showing both the loaded and the available entities.
  • The Hypixel API key is now configurable.
    • Server Options >
  • There is now a link in the Site Login panel to connect your Spotify account.
    • Additionally, the client will automatically set the token, provided that you’re logged in.
    • The Spotify token length limit has been increased.

Mod Compatibility

This release adds or improves compatibility for the following mods:


  • All known bugs related to the chat filter and other chat features have been fixed.
  • The arrow count module for 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 has been fixed as well.
  • The Controls menu no longer crashes on 1.12.2 and is now properly localized.
  • The HUD options in newer version have been patched.
  • Chat Time no longer recolors the message.
  • The close mechanic for GUIs has been changed to match Mojang’s in newer versions.
  • The 1.15.2 version no longer crashes on startup for some users.
  • The FPS module’s “imprecise” mode has been fixed for 1.15.2.
  • The account manager no longer lets you remove empty rows.
  • The patron reward no longer disappears after 15 minutes.