What is this?

This is the 5zig Mod you know and love, but with updates and addted functionality after the original author 5zig ended support for it.

Are you 5zig?

We are a group of developers working on this as a hobby project.
If you want to contact the original author, do so on Twitter.

Can I get my Cape back?

No, or at least not yet.
If you had a cape in the old 5zig Mod will you unfortunately not get one for free in 5zig Reborn.

How do I get a cape?

By donating.
You currently can donate using Patreon and after you pledged can you login to the Panel (In the mod go to The 5zig Mod > Chat) and connect your Patreon account. Afterwards can you get your cape.

Will I lose my cape when I stop pledging?

No. After you first donation passed successfully will you keep the cape-feature.
(We would still appreciate if you stay a Patreon tho…)

When will you support Version X?

We don’t know.
5zig Reborn is a Hobby Project maintained by people in their spare, free time, so it’s not sure when a new version can be supported.
Additionally will we need to wait for external sources (Fabric) to be updated too in order to support the new version.

Is the Mod Open-Source?

Yes it is!
Source code can be found on GitHub and is licensed under the GPLv3 License.

Does 5zig Reborn boost FPS?

No. 5zig Reborn does not improve FPS in any shape or form. It only provides customizable HUDs, capes and an online friend and chat system.

If you want to improve your FPS do we recommend using Mods such as Optifine (Forge) or Sodium (Fabric). These mods should be compatible with 5zig Reborn.